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Frequently asked questions

         The music at the reception can bring people out to the dance floor and can bring back fond memories. It can be crazy or low key. It depends on your wishes. These are questions, provided courtesy of LifeServ.Com, you should always ask prospective DJ's or Bands. Arizona DJ Music & More is happy to answer these interview questions here and now.
  1. Are you available on the date and time?
    Please click here or call 928-300-7092.
  2. Do you have any other obligations that day?
    I will not do two receptions in one day. I want to give one couple my undivided attention for the length of their ceremony and reception and be available for them should they wish to go beyond the original time.
  3. What are your fees?
    In Sedona,  DJing is $199 per hour. Karaoke may be added for $129. Ceremony added for $199 with sound system providing music as guests are seated and during the ceremony and a mic for the minister. Since I am also a minister, to perform the ceremony as well is $345. Ceremonies for Phoenix & elsewhere: $299 music only or $399 music & minister. DJing is still only $199 per hour with a 4-hour minimum. Save $! Combine services.
  4. What equipment do you bring?
    I have two sound systems and a back-up. I use Bose and Yamaha for my amps, mixers and speakers but volume is always the guests' and the venue's choice. And I have extra wattage and speakers for events of more than 250 people, too! I use an Apple MacBook Pro laptop computer, Shure wireless mic's, and a Shure corded mic , depending on the situation.
  5. Do you provide lighting?
    Yes. In various combinations. I have four colored par cans, a lazer widow, mini-strobe, glittermoon, 4 DMX Par Cans, and more! Ambient lighting is included in your DJ package when night falls at no extra charge!
  6. Will you charge extra for learning specific songs to sing at the ceremony or the reception?
    No. I have a huge repertoire of songs, so most people just have to pay me to be there, not to learn a specific song or two. You must supply the sheet music, original tune on CD, and possibly the Karaoke version if you want full orchestration in the backround. (You may not have to buy the original CD or karaoke version. I may already have it.) The sheet music must provide guitar chords since that is the instrument I solo with.
  7. What is the usual itinerary for a reception?
    I have prepared three possible itineraries for you to choose from or you can create your own! When you sign up with an account at this link, there are wedding planning tools that let you decide the flow of your day. There is also an indispensible work-sheet that helps us both be organized so that I know exactly what you want on your day!
  8. What duties will you perform at the reception?
    I will make all announcements, play all appropriate music and will signal you when it may be time to have first dances, cut the cake, toasts, bouquet & garter tosses, and will encourage people to the dance floor. If you request it, I can teach various dances, too. I can also serve as a day-of coordinator and make sure all the vendors are on the same page for the smooth sailing of your special day!
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All of the following are VIP items on your venue check with regards to having a DJ:

1. The earliest time your DJ can arrive to set up.
2. The exact start and finish time for the DJs performance.
3. How long the DJ has to tear the equipment down at the end.
4. Whether a sound limiter device is installed or if there is an outdoor sound ordinance.
5. Whether smoke or bubbles are permitted.
6. Does the venue requires the DJ to produce liability insurance?
7. Does the venue has a safe adequate dance floor.
8. Ensure the venue supplies at least a skirted 6ft table for DJ use.
9. Ensure the venue has an adequate and safe power supply for DJ use.
10. Inform the DJ of any obstructions. ( Stairs or difficult equipment install)
11. Ensure prominent positioning of your DJ.
12. Inform your DJ if there is a stage.
13. Inform the DJ of the name of the room and exact venue location.
14. Inform the DJ of an outside reception and provide adequate shelter.
15. Provide contact information for the venue manager or host.
16. Try to ensure reasonable parking exists or area for equipment load and unload.
17. Any information your DJ may need about your venue must be provided as soon as possible.
18. Consider taking a photograph or drawing an outline plan of your wishes for positioning.
19. Collect and copy the brochure or provide the venue web site or phone number
20. If we do need to set up by a certain time please let us know what it is. :-)

OR hire Jeanie and you only have to do the ones in bold. :-) Jeanie will connect with the planner at the venue herself.

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If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask! I am here to help and your wish really IS my command!